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We at Neravu an NGO with inspirational and impact mission, inspiring youths and society for big changes on future.

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if you do too, be a part of our ongoing initiatives with a prime focus of providing quality education, improved health & well being, most importantly fight inequality

A NGO with Mission


NERAVU is a registered non- profit, non- governmental organization, started five years ago, registered on the 19th of January, 2019, by eleven youngsters who believe in bringing about a change in the society and MAKING LIVES BETTER. We believe in working for the betterment of the society and making this world, a better place to live. We have so far conducted and organized various social service events and campaigns such as blood donation camps, cleanathons, plantation drives, cleaning up of lakes, drawing and art competitions for school kids in order to create environmental awareness and many more.

Neravu Initiative

Our Recent Causes

Children and poor people are at high risk of severe malnutrition & no education
Food & Water

Feed Hungry Children

one has to be responsible enough to understand the fact that these kids of today are sleeping hungry, most of the nights. We hope to eradicate this issue at least on a small scale initially by visiting children's home and slums and distribute food on a regular basis.

Swacha Bharath

Cleanathon is an initiative to make our city look clean and beautiful, where we clear the garbage off and paint up the walls, so that people don't dump garbage or dirty it further.


The #SaveBirdsChallenge campaign was initiated in the month of March. An initiative to quench the thirst of the hapless birds during the summer, as the prediction of temperatures in Bangalore rose above 35°C.

A Charity with Mission

Upcoming Events

Mark your dates, join us, feel the change, make the change, be the change.
25 nov
Organized By: NERAVU TRUST

Awareness drive- Say No to Plastic.

31 November
Organized By: NERAVU TRUST

Fundraising for the stray animals in and around the city.